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Criminal Case Cheats

Criminal Case Cheats

Criminal Case is a gamewhere the primary character is a policeman. His activity is to resolve various puzzles, which is a cool concept. For every single puzzle resolved correctly you will obtain a suitable number of stars. Those stars are the “money” of the game, you can use them to get further in the game and get a lot more interesting crimescenes. The policeman in criminal case also gains coins with which he can customize his looks, buy boosters and dogs. Those dogs will help him across the game. If you play this game and get stuck at some point or it goes too slow for you, you might want to download our Criminal Case Cheats. It is Criminal Case Cheats v 2.17, which took us about 2 months to develop. Using this application you can gain unlimited amount of Cash or Coins. This is essential in Criminal Case. The application also allows you to unlock all crimescenes without having to unlock them all star by star (this is optional) and gives you unlimited energy. The application was additionally tested on a number of computer systems to be a hundred percent sure that our criminal case cheats function appropriately. If it still doesn’t work for you, feel free to contact us using the mail on our contact page.

Criminal Case has turned into one of the most fun facebook games we have ever seen in regards to its development. From the start of Criminal Case launch till now, the users of the game have increased dramatically. This is one of the reasons why we selected it as the game we wanted to develop hacks for.

With our special tool you can take you Criminal Case to the next step and level up a lot faster. You will need to run our criminal case cheats program which will provide you limitless energy, free orange juice, free potato chips and free burgers as well as unlimited coins and unlimited cash

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